Animal StorageFor many years businesses have used animals in their advertising campaigns and brand development. If asked to recall the name of an online greetings card company for example – what would come to mind?

The theory of using an animal to market a product or service is that people make an instant emotional connection to the animal; they remind us of our pets and of ourselves. The beauty is they can appeal to all people (demographics are irrelevant) and they offer warm relationships and empathy.

It is also very interesting to see that some storage companies have chosen to use certain animals in their company name and below are a list of examples;

Alligator Self Storage (Bolton)

Eagle Self Storage (Georgia – USA)

Elephant Self Storage (Vernon – Canada)

Kangaroo Self Storage (Glasgow)

Lion Self Storage (Southampton – USA)

Moose Storage (Shepley)

Purple Monkey (Dewsbury)

Rhino Storage (Salisbury)

Squirrel Storage (Leeds)

Tiger Self Storage (Sacramento – USA)

Wagtail Storage (Loughborough)


The above list is no where near exhaustive but is certainly fun to read.