BobbinMaintaining a building like Arrow Mill is a continuous job and a labour of love. Whilst carrying out some maintenance work in the 1960s extension this week a workman came across an old textile bobbin with the Courtaulds name and address on it.

Courtaulds Ltd owned Arrow Mill for many years during the twentieth century and the old textile bobbin with its eighteen flanges would have been used to organise the thread on the looms during the spinning/weaving stages of the cotton manufacturing process.

The bobbin was discovered wrapped in an old Daily Mirror newspaper dating back to Friday 6 July 1962. Amongst the news articles is an advert for Silvikrin Hair Cream endorsed by none other than Roy Castle, a news piece focusing on a fourteen year old boy who was sent to Broadmoor for poisoning his family and an article reporting that Sir Winston Churchill was feeling fine after suffering from a broken thigh (although his pulse had been irregular).