Lifting BoxesIf you are looking to burn a few extra calories why not create some valuable space in your home by clearing out that back bedroom or emptying the garden shed?

By simply sorting, packing, boxing up and removing unwanted items for a continuous amount of time really does start to burn off additional calories. When you think that fifteen minutes of moderate walking will burn an extra 52 kilocalories* imagine what emptying a bedroom of bric-a-brac can do to help speed up your metabolism?

Even if you only need to clear a small space at home it is definitely worth doing because the chances are that the exercise will make you feel better both physically and mentally. You can then decide whether to take a trip to the local household waste recycling centre or place any items you wish to keep in storage.

Our self storage units range from 10 square feet to 270 square feet, plus we have outside containers too. So if you did need additional space (and fancy a workout) please get in touch with us to discuss your self storage options.

*source weightlossrescources.co.uk