10 sq ft Self Storage UnitsOK, hands up – who’s started their Christmas shopping? Anyone? Oh, just me then! I know we’re literally only just into November and we haven’t even had Bonfire Night yet, but with 2 small children to buy for, as well as the usual horde of extended family and friends, I vow every year not to leave it so late this time and to be more organised – so this year I have! The one thing it has made me realise though, is that my house is just not big enough to store everything that those said children are going to get from Santa, on top of the hundreds of barely-used toys that they already own.

So with that in mind, I spent the whole of last Sunday having a mass sort out – I disposed of all the broken toys, I donated the unused ones to friends or the charity shop. But guess what? I was still left with all the stuff they do sometimes play with and the summer toys that won’t see the light of day for months now (the paddling pool, sandpit etc). What on Earth am I going to do with those?

This is a conundrum that many families will face over the coming weeks – well, one solution could be to rent one of our affordable self storage units in Rochdale. With prices starting from just £5.00 + VAT per week, you can see why so many people to choose this option in order to clear some much-needed space in their home.

So if you are on the hunt for self storage unit in Rochdale then please don’t hesitate to contact us – you can ring us on 01706 716000 or pop in and we will happily show you what we have to offer. In the meantime feel free to check out our website – (and it is just .co!)