Flexible Office Space RochdaleAs you may already be aware one of the services that we provide here at Simple Storage in Rochdale is serviced office space. What you may not be aware of though is that our contracts are very flexible! We do not insist on long term agreements or excessive deposits and neither do we expect you to pay the full term office space rental cost up front.

As for payment, again we are very flexible! Providing that you pay for your office space rental monthly in advance, how you chose to pay for the monthly rental is entirely up to you, we do not insist that our customers set up direct debits or standing orders.

If you did want to take advantage of our half price office space here at Simple Storage in Rochdale, then we would simply complete a licence to occupy together, which basically sets out which office you have chosen, how long you would like to rent it for and how much should be paid each month.

All we ask is that you take out a lease for a minimum of three months and then at the end of the three months if you wish to renew with us again – great, if on the other hand you then decide to relocate – no problem, providing that the office is left in the same condition prior to when you moved in, we’ll gladly hand back your deposit.

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