Here’s the scenario, you’re running late and desperately need to reach your office for that one document that has suddenly turned from a modest A4 printout to the crux of your business operation (this might sound over the top but believe us these situations do arise). The traffic’s been horrendous and you’re almost at your destination so the last thing you want to face is finding somewhere to park you car and then discovering that you don’t have enough change in your pocket for the pay and display machine.

Sounds annoying doesn’t it? You could almost describe it as a scene from a bad sit-com no one would watch.

At Arrow Mill we have our own large off road car park where parking is completely FREE. This on-site car park is covered by CCTV with manned security in the hours of darkness.

This is a huge advantage to our serviced office customers. Plus our long opening hours means that if you’ve left something behind in the office and need to call back, you can do with the minimal of fuss.

Here at Simple Storage our serviced office space is great value for money and because we’re conveniently located in Castleton, Rochdale just off junction 20 of the M62 you don’t have to face driving through Manchester city centre or Rochdale town centre for that matter, or more importantly… worry about parking!