Free Receptionist Service


The great advantage to taking out office space here at Simple Storage in Rochdale is that you will receive the benefit of our free receptionist service.

Our building Receptionist will meet and greet any visitors that you may be expecting and advise you that you have a visitor by calling the internal phone to your office. You can then chose to come down and meet your visitor or our Receptionist can direct them up to where your office is if required. This great service saves you from keeping a ‘look out’ for any expected clients and leaves to you to catch up on your paperwork instead.

The Receptionist will also pass on messages, sort out the mail prior to delivery direct to your office and also notify you if any parcels or packages arrive with your name on.

Taking out a great value serviced office here at Arrow Mill will give you inclusive benefits. To find out more please contact us on 01706 716000.