75 sq ft Self Storage UnitThe popularity of self storage is still increasing as far as we are concerned. Here at Simple Storage in Rochdale we receive numerous phone calls every week regarding our cost effective self storage units. One of the most popular questions we are asked (aside from price) is “what size unit do I need”?

The answer really is dependent on what items are going to be placed in storage. We recommend anyone who is unsure of what size to choose visits our storage estimator page for further information.

We always encourage people to call in to Arrow Mill to take a look at our self storage units here in Rochdale, one of our members of staff will more than happy to attend to you and we are open until 8pm Monday to Thursday. There’s absolutely no obligation to hire a unit and you are free to return home for a rethink over a cup of tea if you are still unsure. We do not push people into hiring a self storage unit; this is a commitment each individual needs to consider very carefully.

In case you are a prospective client and cannot make it across to Arrow Mill, please see the picture that goes along with this article. This is the inside of a 75 square foot unit (which measures approximately 100 inches by 110 inches) and depending on how your items are stacked will determine if this size unit is big enough for your belongings.

We always recommend packaging or covering your items up before placing them in storage, especially if you are considering storing long term with us.

If you have any enquiries feel free to contact us on 01706 716000 or email us at (we’re just ‘.co’)