P1000576Our warehouse may cover over 300,000 sq ft and be spread over five floors, but we have been getting busier and busier lately, with more and more customers looking for cheap pallet storage in Manchester – in fact we are now on the verge of being full!

It isn’t just simple storage that we provide (despite our name!) but also order picking, packing and transport services. We have a large turnover of delivery lorries coming in and out each day, both to deliver goods for storage and also to collect pallets of stock to send out on behalf of our customers. In order to speed up the process and enable us to get pallets in and out of the building quicker and more efficiently, we have just had yet another dock leveller installed on one of our large loading bays; these assist our warehouse team when it comes to moving palletised goods into and out of lorries.

This is yet another example of our commitment here at Arrow Mill to serving our customers as well as we can. You may wonder just how big a difference a dock leveller makes, but one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to moving pallets between a warehouse and a vehicle is the bridging of the gap between the two. Not all lorries are the same height, and the trailer floor within a vehicle can vary according to how heavy it is laden, so in fact there is not only a gap to bridge but a height difference to overcome also. To be easily able to bridge this divide in a matter of seconds means that we can move stock faster and therefore deal with more vehicles per day – and our customers love this level of service!

For more information about our warehouse services, check out our website – or give us a call on 01706 716000.