Rochdale Self Storage Units

Medium Storage Units

If you have driven past Simple Storage recently you may have noticed how busy we are. The car park is nearly full during the day and we have stock on all levels of the building. It feels like we are the ones who need extra storage space at the moment, never mind our customers!

Freeing up space at home can be really rewarding and we still have some self storage units available to rent by the week here at Arrow Mill.

The simple way of having a ‘bit of a sort out’ is to first plan which rooms at home you wish to tackle. Work from room to room and decide what you would like to keep, what you would like to now dispose of and if required what you can place in storage to free up more space. If necessary have an ‘unsure’ pile and work through this last. If in doubt put the items in storage, this way you have not disposed of anything permanently.

Other options of freeing up space could mean selling your possessions through the proper channels, donating them to charity or organising your space better by using storage boxes under the bed for example.

As our self storage unit start from small 10 sq ft lockers priced very competitively up to large 175 sq ft units which will take the contents of a typical family sized home, we are confident of finding the right size space to meet your requirements.

For further information please contact us on 01706 716000 or click here to find out more about our cost effective Rochdale self storage units.