When a new sales enquiry comes our way we always like to ask the caller how they came to hear about Simple Storage and the services that we provide.

The answer we usually hear is the internet (thank you Google).

Our Google Analytics account tells us what keywords are entered into Google each day which in turn results in hits to the Simple Storage website. The most popular phrases by far are;

However, looking back over the last twelve months the Simple Storage website has appeared under some rather obscure Google keyword searches which we thought we’d share with you just for fun. In no particular order here they are;

  • coloured sellotape
  • dry dog food storage bins
  • did you fancy a coffee ?
  • how big is 10 sq ft
  • is arrow mill in castleton a primary or secondary industry
  • lockable drinks container
  • mill water tower
  • parking sensor
  • secure sheds
  • steam engine flourish
  • wilkinson plastic containers

We can’t guarantee that Simple Storage will appear on one of the Google pages if you search for the above phrases now of course – that’s the joy of search engines, but at some point in the last twelve months they did according to our Analytics account.

The winner of the most obscure search engine phrase that Simple Storage has appeared under though has to be;

  • is the post office open on a bank holiday in rochdale

On behalf of all of us at Simple Storage we’d like to thank anyone who takes the time to visit our website and we also hope that you find what you’re searching for.