30 sq ft Self Storage UnitsThere was a BBC documentary on recently about self storage, and why it is becoming so popular in Britain – here at Simple Storage we have definitely noticed an increase in demand for our self storage units and containers since we opened our doors to the public, so it was interesting to see what customers like ours are thinking and planning when they decide to rent space in facilities such as ours.

Apparently Britain has, by far, the biggest self storage industry in Europe [source: BBC], so what is fuelling the demand? Well we, as a nation, buy more than anyone else in Europe, which means we own more “stuff” than anyone else, so therefore we end up needing to store more than anyone else. In fact, we own six times more stuff than the generation before us but still only have so much space in our homes, so eventually something has to give – that is where self storage facilities come in.

We ourselves have a real mix of customers – as well as those domestic customers who are looking to store some of those items that they cannot bear to part with but just don’t have space to keep at home, we have people who are either moving home but have to leave their current property a few weeks before their new one is ready to move into, or are renovating their house so they need to clear a space to work. We also have small business owners who want somewhere safe, secure and convenient to store their stock, where they can call in on a daily basis to pick orders for their customers.

Whatever your reason for needing a self storage unit, we are here to help. And remember, we won’t be beaten on price! Just call us on 01706 716000 for more information or pop in to see us to have a look at what we have to offer. Alternatively, click here to find out more about our cost effective Rochdale self storage units.