Air conditioned officeAs parts of the UK receive heatwave health warnings from the Met Office the rest of England and Wales are currently seeing temperatures between 28 and 31 degrees centigrade. In fact at the time of writing this news piece the temperature in Manchester is 29 degrees centigrade.

When the weather is as hot as this, the last thing people want to do is go into work. After all the UK has not seen temperatures like this since 2006 (Rochdale in particular) and understandably people out there want to take advantage of the glorious weather.

For those of us that have to work and for anyone currently interested in large office space in the Rochdale or Manchester area, here at Simple Storage we have a variety of large open plan offices that come complete with air conditioning so that your staff can work in a pleasant and temperature controlled environment.

The air conditioning also doubles as heating in the winter months, but we’re sure that you will all agree that winter is a dim and distant memory right now?