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Did you see the eclipse this morning? We’ve received mixed reviews here at Simple Storage about the phenomenon but one thing we could at least guarantee here at Arrow Mill was that our customers here would have a great view.

Our clients with an office on the east facing side of the building were looking out of their windows up here on the top floor and other office customers were stood in the canteen or the large break out area to watch the eclipse.

It was a very cloudy morning in Rochdale but it was possible to see the crescent shape that the moon made whilst passing across the surface of the sun as the eclipse took place at 9.30 a.m.

Outside the birds reacted to the change in light by breaking into song and from our vantage point on the top floor of Arrow Mill we could see people all along Queensway coming out of their places of work to witness the spectacle.

The photographs on the left hand side show a snapshot of the eclipse and the view across to Storefirst in Rochdale from the top of Arrow Mill.

Some people were disappointed with what they saw, others were indifferent or ambivalent. However, there were many that were fascinated by the eclipse and took advantage of this very rare phenomenon to watch as the morning become twilight and then for the full sun to gradually reappear.