WIFIIf you are a regular to our website you will know that back in March 2013 we invested in our very own dedicated fibre optic broadband so that our office customers can enjoy high speed internet access. The infrastructure is still ours to enjoy and there is no shared network outside Arrow Mill compromising the quality of service or affecting our internet speed.

Here at Simple Storage in Rochdale the rental price of our serviced office space does include the use of our broadband, so you have nothing extra to pay for internet access here at Arrow Mill.

We appreciate the importance of internet access and how it has now become the fourth utility. Businesses are so reliant on internet usage that many now fail to operate without it, which just demonstrates how technology has evolved in the last twenty years. As a business we like to adapt to our customer requirements and many of our office clients prefer wireless internet access. We have always provided Wi-Fi for our office customers to enjoy but this week we have upgraded and increased the number of Wi-Fi units here at Arrow Mill as we are conscious more of our customers prefer to use wireless rather than hard ethernet connections.

This upgrade is for our office customers to enjoy and if you would like to take advantage of our high speed internet access or if you would like to find out more about our great value office space here in Rochdale, please contact us on 01706 716000.