Office TurnaroundThe offices at Arrow Mill are simply buzzing! The increased demand for office space in Rochdale is fantastic news as our availability page will confirm.

What has been very pleasantly surprising is that as an office becomes available, it is soon snapped up by someone else! Here at Simple Storage we do not tie our customers into long term contracts, we ask our customers to sign up for as long as they are comfortable. All we stipulate is a three month minimum contract. Once the contract is up we then ask what the client would like to then do going forwards. Most of the time our customers keep signing up with us again, but occasionally some customers wish to simply call it a day or alternatively relocate to another part of the country.

The short term flexibility is really helpful – especially to your cashflow. Our serviced office space at Arrow Mill in Rochdale is mostly occupied. However, please contact us to discuss availability and we will be more than happy to advise you. If you do take on an office here at Simple Storage, you will not be disappointed!

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