eCommerce Fulfillment: Why Use Bulk Picking Services

What do bulk picking companies do?

Bulk picking services is a warehouse management option offering a single pick to complete multiple orders, mainly where the inventory would otherwise have been packed separately.

The picking process allocates matching inventory for multiple orders into larger units of measure picks, reducing smaller picks.

This stock management system allows you to store, track and manage fulfilment externally whilst to increase the scope of your Ecommerce Business.

How bulk picking works

At Simple Storage, we try to keep the batch picking process as straightforward as possible for the customer. You simply send in all your orders, and we will pick and pack your palletised stock. We can also arrange despatch to keep the process accessible.

In addition to batch picking, we can supply pallets and ensure orders are wrapped and ready in our warehouses before collection.

Our large loading bays, complete with dock levellers, provide multiple areas for commercial vehicles to load/unload safely and efficiently.

Simply send in your customer orders and then sit back and let us do all the hard work, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business.

eCommerce Fulfillment: Why Use Bulk Picking Services

Why use bulk picking?

Bulk picking fulfilment services can offer your business many benefits, all of which can improve efficiency, reduce business costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing your batch picking services can streamline the fulfilment process, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business in confidence.

So, how can a bulk picking service help e-commerce?

Faster delivery

Using a warehouse management service to fulfil your picking and packing streamlines your order process, increasing the processing time between orders and dispatch. Handing the picking process to experts means your customers access your products much quicker, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Stock protection

How much profit has your business lost through damaged or defective products?

Choosing the best picking service ensures your stock is stored in secure warehouses, but also faults or discrepancies are identified before shipping, preventing the customer from receiving a damaged product.

What do bulk picking companies do

Reduced eCommerce costs

Efficient picking services are very cost-effective.

  • Pay for the space that you need: We have ample space for all your business needs. With our batch picking service, you only pay for the square footage that you need. If your business fulfilment requirements increase or decrease, so too can the cost.
  • Postage charges: With our bulk-buying postage power, you can save on shipping costs with a picking service.
  • Save on packaging: Again, we go big so that you can save big. Our bulk buying of postage materials mean you can make savings on everything from bubble wrap to boxes. 

Inventory Management

Using warehouse storage and fulfilment service streamlines not only the picking and packing process but the stock management itself. Whether you have pallets of stick to store or individual items requiring clear labelling and storage – using an expert company like Simple Storage means your inventory is managed correctly.

A professional storage and picking service willorganise their warehouse to optimise layout, labelling system, and keeping a regular cleaning schedule.

Customer satisfaction

Ultimately, if your eCommerce business bulk processing is running smoothly and the picking and packing procedure is fast, effective and affordable, the benefits will be passed onto your customer. It’s a win-win! They will receive the correct, perfectly maintained stock in a great time and for a competitive price.

Bulk picking services is a warehouse management option offering a single pick to complete multiple orders

Types of Picking and Packing

There are many different methods of picking service, dependant on your eCommerce business needs.

Batch Picking

Popular for a standard for bulk orders, these methods involve the company selecting items in batches and use an automated picking system to stock. This includes batches of bales, boxes, bags, or pallets of merchandise.

Zone Picking

Got a bigger warehouse space that needs dividing up to improve efficiency? Zone picking involves dividing a warehouse into different zones in line with product lines or storage requirements. This is great for more prominent companies with lots of stock variety and a need to assign pickers to specific areas.  

Using warehouse storage and fulfilment service streamlines not only the picking and packing process but the stock management itself

Wave Picking

This picking process combines zone picking and batch methods, which balances orders effectively and reduces labour costs. Pickers have allocated areas but have more items that can be picked in batches.

Piece Picking

Are your eCommerce fulfilment needs on a smaller scale? If you have only one or two items to be sent per order, this picking service is the most traditional but the least cost-effective, method.ctly optimized content goes here!