5 Amazing Things Created with Container Storage Units

Our comprehensive range of container storage units are one of the most sought-after and valuable solutions we offer here at Simple Storage.

Year after year, our customers use storage containers to look after their most valued belongings, make space during busy house moves or store oversized items that just won’t fit in the garden shed. 

But these ingenious storage containers are helpful beyond looking after old furniture or THAT stamp collection you’re not yet ready to let go of.

Across the world, containers are being used for all sorts of impressive temporary structures, saving lives, offering shelter and

Things Made From Storage Containers

shipping container market and shop units offer convenient secure access to commercial pop ups

Food Village

Most cities now host at least one up-and-coming container storage food village. These little street food hubs include containers, often stacked for balcony city views, filled to the brim with excellent bars and restaurants.

Wapping Wharf in Bristol sits amongst an eclectic range of museums and modern living units, with plenty of outdoor seating overlooking the river.

It’s incredible how each business has made its container look so unique, and it’s now a

our storage facility provide a wide range of self storage units for short term hire

Homeless Housing

Further down the Southwest of England, Cornwall is using old shipping container units to help a growing issue amongst its community. ISO Spaces have been developed in the city of Truro to offer safe housing for homeless people 

ISO Spaces is known for its skills in converting storage containers into offices, pop-up bars, cinemas, and now temporary container homes to support local communities.

The units are beautifully clad and are an affordable solution being used across the UK.

Shopping Shipping Containers

BOXPARK became the world’s first pop-up shopping mall when it hit the streets of Shoreditch in 2011.

The unique retail village built from container storage units combines city cool with friendly functionality.

The award-winning site is home to various local businesses, including fashion, arts, food and drinks.

The trend soon grew, and we now don’t have to go far to enjoy the same trendy container life. Just a stone’s throw away, Manchester Hatch is home to over 20 businesses trading directly from this fantastic inner city shipping container retail village.

shipping containers are both an ideal storage solution and a homeless solution

Container Schools

Over in China, a project in Shenzhen is utilising 12 container storage units to create a school complex which could revolutionise how education is accessed across the world.

These pop-up container schools are flexible, easy to install and affordable – making local schools easier to reach for all communities.

Open-end glass panels and overlapping levels make it an ascetically pleasing use of container units.

commerical and cargo shipping container units in the united kingdom are becoming trendy spaces

Storage Container Hospital

As container storage units are quick, easy and affordable, they became a saving grace during the Corona Virus pandemic, turning up worldwide as pop-up hospitals. The structure made them safe, secure and hygienic to use too.

During moments of a health crisis, container units offer a flexible solution to creating much-needed temporary structures. The fact that they can be assembled, joined together, and stacked means they create as big a design as you need,