How To Create Sustainable and Cheap Storage at Home

As leaders in the self-storage industry, we are constantly exploring how to create Sustainable and Cheap storage at home which is environmentally friendly and reduces our carbon footprint.

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or a newly converted Earth protector, most of us are now switched on to the rising concerns of climate change.

Eco-friendly storage solutions have come a long way since the assemble-your-own cardboard boxes that can only seem to hold a few pieces of paper before falling apart.

From pineapple leather to coconut boxes, plant-based packaging and storage technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last decade.

How To Create Sustainable and Cheap Storage at Home

But sustainable storage can often mean expensive storage. So, what’s the answer?

Here’s our guide to creating cheap storage that is both friendly on the Earth and friendly on the wallet.

Guide to Sustainable and Cheap Storage

1. Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Recycled plastic

If you love your reliable plastic storage boxes but are concerned about their impact on the environment, why not try buying recycled plastic storage?

With so much plastic in circulation these days, there is no excuse for investing in sustainable home storage and often slightly cheaper.

Of course, you don’t have to buy anything new. Recycle storage can mean buying second hand from local online listings and thrift stores.

eco friendly storage bags and storage units are a great idea for the environment


If you prefer the look of leather to clear plastic, but don’t have the budget to upscale your home storage, then cork might be the answer.

Cork is an incredibly sustainable storage solution because the harvesting of the Cork tree bark can be done without felling the tree – meaning the resource has little impact on the living plants of the forest.

We love these aesthetically pleasing underbed cork storage bags at Dunelm.

Reclaimed wood

Again, why buy new when you can create sustainable home storage from already existing resources? The price of wood has dramatically increased in recent years, so reclaimed wooden crates are an affordable option for creating everything from bookshelves to storage boxes on a budget.

You could buy quality made reclaimed wood storage from a reputable furniture maker or get creative and see what bits of old wood you can salvage locally or at home.

if you cant afford a storage unit or storage facility bring sustainability into the home

Bamboo & Hemp 

Two of the most abundant resources, and popular materials in recent years, is Hemp and Bamboo. Both plants grow quickly and can create sturdy boxes, bags and shelving.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant globally, meaning you can source it cheaply and sustainably or even increase it yourself in your garden!

Hemp too can be used for fantastic canvas bins, and green bags to organize smaller goods from makeup to food.

Bamboo home storage is increasingly popular both for practicality and visually.

2. Upcycling storage ideas

Shoebox containers

The old ones are always the good ones! Re-using shoe boxes is still one of the best options for cheap storage and is versatile to fit most areas in the home. Make sure your shoebox is sturdy and not damaged, and decorate it with wrapping paper and labels to organise loose things like stationery, art supplies, paperwork and more.

Basket holders 

These days a quality basket can be found in most charity shops and second-hand vintage stores. Not only do they make great affordable storage for things like shoes, magazines and books, but they also bring a natural eco ascetic to your home.

you have solar panels and efficient lighting but is your self storage green?

Glass Jars

If there is one thing every home has in abundance, it’s jars! Keep your jam, olive and sauce jars for a cheap and sustainable storage solution for those little things swimming around the house. Glass jars can be used to store:

·      Nails and screws

·      Loose change

·      Makeup brushes

·      Batteries

·      Flowers

·      Sewing needles

The great thing about glass jars is they can be used time and time again. Once you have finished using them to store miscellaneous stuff at home, you can sterilise them and re-purpose them for jam once more!

Cutlery hooks

Cheap home storage isn’t always about hiding things away. Storage solutions are also needed for those easy-to-grab items like keys, coats and towels.

An affordable home storage idea is to use old cutlery to make fork hooks to hang things on. They also work great for kitchen storage for utensils, plastic bags and tea towels.

Wooden crates and pallets 

Another classic idea for storage on a budget. Wooden pallets and crates lend themselves to becoming fantastic modern storage boxing for those who like a more rustic look.

The great thing about upcycling pallets is they can be strong and significant enough to hold chunkier items like printers, shoes, books, paperwork and toys.

Subscription storage

A genius idea for eco-home storage is to create an unsubscribe box for all that unnecessarily junk mail. Rather than throwing leaflets, magazines and catalogues in the bin, creating a home recycling space of regular unwanted posts means you can actively unsubscribe and prevent the waste from its source.

Choose a self-storage company

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