Flexible Office Space In Rochdale

Flexible Office Space Rochdale

Flexible office space

Flexible office space is now an essential service for modern business, and the need for space like this is growing in Manchester. 

It’s not just for startups or lone workers any more. More and more established businesses are leaning towards flexible working space to accommodate their diverse and growing talent base. 

The world has changed a great deal in 2020. Businesses are now looking more and more to manage remote teams, freelancers, contractors and more. So with that in mind, here’s our list of the benefits we can offer when you are looking for flexible office space in Rochdale

Flexible Office Spaces With Shorter Leases. 

You don’t get tied into long term leases with break options. You can rent our space from as little as three months. That’s a perfect amount of time for a seasonal pop-up business to cover their busy period. Having this kind of freedom is rare in the city, or comes at a hefty premium but something that’s sorely needed with today’s dynamic and shifting business environment.  

Access to facilities and Meeting Rooms

The ability to hold meetings is a basic necessity for all business. However, it’s been a year of working at home for a lot of people; it’s not an ideal environment to conduct important business meetings. 

We have comfortable and spacious meeting rooms that will impress any client, including our beautiful oak panelled board room for that extra luxury touch!. 

Having access to meeting rooms is excellent for when you need to hold interviews, chat confidentially or hold any sessions that could disrupt the rest of the team. So when looking for flexible offices, it’s essential to find one that offers a suitable meeting room facility. Our meeting rooms have the following benefits: 

  • Meeting rooms can accommodate 2 – 12 people
  • Different styles to suit your meeting
  • Fibre optic broadband network included
  • Paper and pens provided
  • Flip chart
  • Photocopying
  • Tea, coffee and biscuit

Fully Serviced Offices. 

Our Serviced offices in Rochdale are an ideal base for client meetings from just about anywhere. Situated on the M62 corridor, we have close transport links to major motorways and are a short drive from Manchester International Airport. 

Our spaces include superfast broadband, on-site parking and 24-hour security for added peace of mind. And of course, being a self-storage facility, we have plenty of room for holding stock and inventory which makes us the perfect base for e-commerce retailers, especially if you are making the shift from bricks and mortar to online.  

Fully Furnished Office Space, or make your mark.

For some, the office is part of your personality. But for others, the convenience of a fully furnished office space can save you the money to spend on the stuff you need or value. 

Our flexible office space can be furnished or unfurnished, which is highly convenient if you have to change numbers in your team. It can save a lot of additional costs in upscaling or downscaling. If your space is temporary, furnished offices can save you a lot of time and money. Isn’t that what every business owner wants?  

Upscale or downscale with flexibility

Many of our customers find that once they get into the space, they need to upscale, and occasionally downscale. The ability to be flexible is one of our unique selling points at Arrow Mill. With over 40 offices, warehouse space and storage in our building, there’s usually a space that can meet your needs, whatever size you are looking for.

Inspire talent with your workspace

Make it your own! Perhaps you are that quirky creative agency who want to fill their space with cool furniture and bean bags, and the football table. An unfurnished room allows you to make the space your own and tailor it to the personal needs of your team. Since we are a refurbished mill, the area has a beauty of its own, & is the ideal space for those creative minds. 

Greater Manchester Without The Expensive Commute!

Manchester has always been the seat of science and industry, & we are fast becoming the tech hub for the UK. This means city prices are becoming astronomical, especially for startups. Many businesses have had to give up their workspace due to rising rent costs. Here at Arrow Mill, an original Northern mill building we have all the charm that many business look for in their working space, without the inflated costs, whilst being a stone’s throw away from the city, which is ideal for networking events and more. Why not give us a call and see what we can offer for your budget?

About Arrow Mill

A Grade II listed building, we are situated on the south side of the Rochdale Canal. During the Industrial Revolution mills were located on canals not only for the ease of transporting raw materials and finished goods, but also to profit from the source of water by drawing it to work the mill steam engines. We are proud of our workspace, and it’s long-standing history in making the north the powerhouse it is today.

Flexible Office Space, Flexible Payments

One of the benefits of renting flexible office space in Arrow Mill is that our contracts are very flexible! We do not insist on long term agreements or excessive deposits, and neither do we expect you to pay the full-term office space rental cost upfront.

Providing that you pay for your office rental monthly in advance, how you chose to pay for the monthly office rental is entirely up to you, we do not insist that our customers set up direct debits or standing orders.

Find Your Perfect Space

Meeting Rooms

If you did want to take advantage of our half-price flexible office workspace here at Simple Storage in Rochdale, then we would complete a licence to occupy together, which sets out which office you have chosen, how long you would like to rent it for and how much should be paid each month.

All we ask is that you take out a lease for a minimum of three months and then at the end of the three months if you wish to renew with us again – great if on the other hand you then decide to relocate – no problem, providing that the office is left in the same condition prior to when you moved in, we’ll gladly hand back your deposit.

See further details about our affordable workspace in Rochdale or learn more about the Rochdale area.

To see pictures of our serviced offices and meeting rooms in Rochdale, click here to visit our gallery.