Happy Birthday To Us! Simple Storage Rochdale

Simple Storage Rochdale Celebrates 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to us! Yes that’s right – on this day 10 years ago Simple Storage was born, and it seems only right that today we look back on what has been an amazing decade and thank all of those who have played a part in our growth and success since then.

On 6th August 2010 Simple Storage was incorporated, spearheaded by a small but loyal and determined team of staff who had worked together over many years previously. Together with those first few customers who put their faith in us and our big empty old cotton mill and helped us massively, we have blossomed into what is now not only a successful small business in its own right, but one which is responsible for helping many other local small businesses to start up and grow. Whether it was providing that first self contained office to allow a new business to develop, or a self storage unit or some warehouse space to store the stock that a new company couldn’t fit into the back room or garage at home, we like to think that we have been pivotal in enabling lots of local businesses to blossom and thrive over the last ten years.

We have been very fortunate to have met some amazing customers over the years – a lot of them were here only for a short while before moving on to pastures new, but some have been with us for many years (indeed one or two joined us at the very start and are still with us today) but regardless of how long you spent with us, if you have been one of our valued customers over the last ten years we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing a vital role in our success.

If, on the other hand, you have not been part of the Simple Storage family yet, but you are now on the lookout for affordable self storage, office space or pallet storage in Manchester then look no further! Give us a call on 01706 716000 or email us at info@simplestorage.co (and we are just .co!) and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you. Here’s to the next ten years!