How to reclaim your home with self storage

Do you need self storage? Over the past 12 months, your home has likely become an office, school, leisure centre and hub for all family hobbies. With every new role your house must accommodate, fresh piles of seemingly unrelated items have started to accumulate in corners of every room.  

Even the most organised house with excellent storage space is at risk of bursting at the seams with the many things made home-based during lockdown this year.  

The time has come to reclaim your home as your sanctuary. A big Spring clear out could feel daunting, especially the hours involved in splitting things into piles of what to keep or dispose of.  

However, having a post lockdown house de-clutter doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you have external self storage to lighten the load. Whether you’re looking to de-construct your home office, store away Winter coats, or simply stash away family heirlooms to minimise your weekly dusting, a storage container could be a great solution to reclaiming your home.  

1. Store for the Seasons

A quick fix to creating more space in your home is to box up anything that only serves Winter’s purpose. These are the items we only need once or twice a year and take up valuable square footage in our garage, sheds or wardrobe. Items include:  

  • Winter Sports gear  
  • Heavy winter coats  
  • Thick quilts and blankets  
  • Welly boots  
  • Electric or Gas heaters  
  • Christmas decorations 

From as little as £5 (+VAT), you could instantly make space for Spring without having to say goodbye to those handy things that make Winter cosy. Likewise, when it’s time to switch seasons, our easy accessibility means it is simple to swap your summer garden furniture for your snow boots!  

2. Say goodbye to the home office  

Working from a home office, dining room table, and even the sofa became the norm in 2020.  

Work and home lines blurred as many of us conducted our professional lives amongst the hustle of homeschooling and a noisy washing machine.  

In April last year, a study found that an average of 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home – with 86.0% doing so as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Whether you once enjoyed the occasional work from home Friday or not, you may be ready to take office out of the house for a while.  

Secure storage units are a great way to safely store necessary paperwork, bulk stationery, industrial equipment and even excess furniture for any sized business.  

Local enterprise has long been a considerable contributor to the self storage economy; businesses account for 42% of the 44.6 million square feet of storage space in the UK.  

Our ground floor self storage units are great value for small offices archiving and come equipped with pallets, 24-hour onsite security and motion sensor automatic lighting. Need something a little bigger? We also have storage containers that offer generous space for more oversized furniture or more significant equipment. 

Not sure what size unit you need? Don’t worry – visit our Storage Estimator to help you make the right choice. 

3. Protect precious memories  

Every household in the UK has a box, cabinet, or loft space bursting with sentimental items and hidden gems. However, the majority of us do not need these items to hand. Instead, they take up precious space in our homes.  

Though research suggests reminiscing over old photos is good for our mental health, we probably don’t need to keep that fifth box of ‘antique’ terracotta pigs, do we?  

With cutting edge CCTV technology, the safety of your precious belongings means a lot to us. Knowing that you can access family heirlooms at any time whilst keeping them safe makes self storage an affordable and innovative way to preserve history.  

4. Redecorate with ease

Has spending too much time at homemade you rethink your whole décor? Short term self storage is perfect for those wanting to clear out rooms of furniture and belongings just long enough for home improvements, renovations and decoration.  

DIY stores saw home improvement sales soar by over 20% during lockdown, and the trend to revamp the home is expected to continue. Take the stress out of moving values back and forth between rooms, and place not essential items in self storage for as long as you need.  

Our containers are ideal for anyone looking for short term outside storage in Rochdale and Manchester. We offer extended hours and make enough space for cars, vans and lorries to pull up right outside the container, making it easy for those late-night bursts of energy!  

Ready to make your home a place of pleasure once more and enjoy the benefits self storage can give you? Our friendly team is here to advise on everything from the size of space required to box everything for practical storage. Get in touch for more information.