Open Plan Office Space In Rochdale

open plan office space in rochdale

At Simple Storage we have a wide variety of self contained or open plan office space available to rent here in the Rochdale, North Manchester area. Our open plan serviced offices start from approximately 1,000 square feet and come fully furnished. The rental price per week includes water rates, lighting, power and central heating, free on-site parking, receptionist and postal service plus the free use of our broadband – we really are great value for money!

Our open plan office space are designed for multi person organisations, even though there is still the option for one company to have several self contained offices in the same building. The type of area that suits the business all boils down to preference. Open plan offices do exist for a reason and the main advantages over a self contained area are;

Prices For Open Plan Office Space

Open plan offices are more economical. It works out a lot cheaper to seat your staff in one large area in comparison to renting several smaller offices.

Open Plan Office Facilities

Here at Simple Storage our open plan offices have their own individual facilities. Some areas come with their own air conditioning, toilets, kitchen, separate storage areas complete with racking or a self contained Manager’s office for added privacy.

Great Employee Communication

Employee communication is facilitated in a large open plan area. Staff can get instant answers to any queries they may have and equally the person in charge can get the attention of all their colleagues straight away should they need to.

Choosing Your Open Plan Office Layout

Should the layout of the area need to be changed, it can be done so quickly and with minimal disruption. The possible layout options also increase with the size of the open plan area, in turn facilitating the optimum set up for business purposes.

Management Advantages Of Open Plan Office Space

As all employees are together in one open plan area, managers and supervisors are in constant contact with their staff. Employees do not need to be tracked down thus saving time and any issues that arise can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently, which in turn should improve rather than hinder business productivity.

Staff morale should also improve as the open plan layout facilitates the ethos of teamwork and helps build relationships by allowing the employees to easily converse and inspire one another.

Your business culture and organisational needs will dictate the type of environment that you require. If your company relies on its office staff working as a team then an open plan environment is a great option. Before you make any decision though, please get in touch with us to arrange a viewing. We have a great choice of office space here at Arrow Mill and we probably have just what you’re looking for.