ContainersOur outdoor containers here in Rochdale are proving even more popular than ever – in fact at the moment every single one of them is occupied! Outdoor containers provide a useful alternative to more traditional indoor self storage units for those who are looking to store things like tools, bikes, car accessories etc – the kind of things you would store in a garage or shed at home.  Customers can drive right up to them so they are very accessible and they are very cost effective too, at only £20 + VAT per week.

Don’t worry though if you want to store with us, we still have indoor self storage units available. And don’t forget with these, if you rent for 4 weeks or more then you will be entitled to a discount of at least 20% off our weekly rental prices. Please click here to find out more about our cost effective Rochdale self storage units, alternatively give us a call on 01706 716000.