Rochdale Meeting Catering: 5 Tasty Spots for Catering in Rochdale

When you’ve set the date, booked the meeting room, and stocked up on meeting supplies, there’s only one thing left: research the best Rochdale meeting catering options.

Great events catering services can differentiate between a dreary day stuck in a meeting room and a refreshingly productive day fuelled by good ideas and good food.

Soggy sandwiches and week-old bananas won’t get the creative juices flowing during a long business meeting. You need affordable meeting catering that will keep you nourished and ready for an afternoon of number crunching!

Meeting and conference catering, when done right, keeps delegates awake and productive, and here in Rochdale, we have some great catering suppliers for our meeting rooms.

So, here’s a few of our recommendations to book catering in Rochdale that’s a cut above the rest.

Affordable Corporate Event Business Meeting Catering In Rochdale

Rochdale Meeting Catering

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit provides affordable yet high-quality event catering in Rochdale for corporate events. With over 39 years of experience in catering, they offer an excellent free food delivery service for both hot meals and cold buffets.

Highlights of their menu include:

·     Wide range of Sandwiches

·     Pasta salad & Coleslaw

·     Scotch eggs, sausage rolls & Pork Pies

·     Samosas & Bhaji

·     Fruit salads & cakes

Note:: Their service is set up with disposable plates, napkins, bowls, forks, spoons, table rolls and utensils. They can also cater for any allergy requiremenst.

Bon Appetit is great for bigger meetings and conferences as they ask for a minimum order of 25 portions. If you have a small meeting, keep scrolling for more catering options.

Lords The Caterers

Lords the Caterers have been catering for meetings for almost 85 years, so they know their stuff when catering for events. They provide highly personalised service, and they are suitable for meetings of all budgets.

They are more suitable for the bigger meetings as they cater for group sizes from ten to five-hundred people.

All food is freshly prepared on the day, so your meeting is fuelled by tasty fresh food made of the highest quality.

Their hot buffets section is excellent. We love their jacket potatoes, Lasagne and their famous potato pie!


Mann-Salwa is one of the best corporate catering services in Rochdale, providing corporate and private clients with quality outside catering.

They specialise in dishes of authentic Indian, classic British and Continental cuisine. They provide high-quality catering with personalised service for events of any size.

In addition to the usual wholesale lunch, their buffets include:

·     Exclusive Chicken Satay

·     Tandoori Drumsticks

·     Spicy Seekh Kebab

·     Indian Spring Rolls

C&C Catering

At C&C catering, understand that not all meetings are of conference proportions. So, unlike many others, they cater for groups as small as three people. This is excellent news for meetings with fewer people without compromising on the quality of the catering.

Their business lunches contain:

·     A Sandwich,

·     A packet of crisps

·     A piece of fruit

·     Three random buffet items (e.g., sausage roll, samosa and quiche)

·     Salad garnish

·     Napkins

·     Disposable knife and folk.

All neatly tucked into an individual lunch box for just £5.50 per person! Great affordable option.

Benons Catering

Welcome to Benons Catering – Rochdale’s finest corporate catering service that’s a local leader in high-quality food delivered to your home for private events, workplace for business, corporate, company or office events; or indeed any venue for any occasion.

Their specialism spans dishes of authentic Indian, classic British and Continental cuisine, all the while allowing you to create your vision. Benons Catering, therefore, comes with an unrivalled reputation for providing quality outside catering services to our varied clientele, both corporate and private.

We love that their pricing is aimed to be as transparent as are our menus, so no running around trying to get a quote!

Some buffets are ready to be delivered while others are prepared on your premises. Regardless of approach, the same ethos goes into our foods: fresh, locally sourced produce ensuring fresher spreads to our private or corporate catering clients.

Menus include:

·     Hot & Cold platters

·     Fruits & Salads

·     Frame Grilled BBQs

·     Finger Buffets

·     Breakfasts

·     Canapes

·     Afternoons tea

They also have a Waiter Service by uniformed staff and same and next day Free Delivery – simply ask them for your needs.