Beware Of Self Storage Hidden Costs

Beware Of Hidden Costs Self Storage Units In Rochdale - Simple Storage

Want to avoid the pitfalls of self storage hidden costs? Here at Simple Storage we are proud to be open and honest about exactly what charges our customers have to pay, but did you know that this is not always the case? Whether you are looking for a serviced office, a self storage unit or storage space for palletised goods, we promise you that we will be upfront about what it will cost you, so you can avoid the pitfalls of self storage hidden costs

We would ask our customers, when researching their options to find the best deal, to make sure that they have all the facts from every company they speak to – exactly what is included in that once-in-a-lifetime special offer that they have just quoted you?

Some Common Self Storage Hidden Costs To Look Out For

  • Is there VAT to pay on top of your weekly rental fee for self storage (this became a legal requirement back in 2012)? We will always quote you the price and state that there is VAT to pay on top.
  • Do you need to pay for insurance on top of your weekly rental fee for self storage? Many self storage companies force customers to pay for costly insurance in addition to their rental fees – we do not.
  • How long are you tied in for? Whether you are renting a storage unit or an office, once you’ve signed on the dotted line how long are you committed to staying for? We do not demand long leases here at Arrow Mill.
  • How much notice do you have to give to vacate? So you no longer need to store your items and think you can just empty your unit and stop paying? What if your storage provider insists on you giving them four weeks’ notice? That could mean you have to pay for storage space that you’re not even using. Again, we do not do that here at Simple Storage as we do not believe in making it difficult for people to leave once they no longer have a need for our services.
  • If you are renting a serviced office, do you have to pay for utilities on top of your rental? We promise that our prices include all of your utilities, and even use of our dedicated, high speed fibre optic broadband service, as well as many other extras.

People will always do their research and go for the best deal that suits them, and rightly so. All we wish is for our customers to be able to make an informed choice, having been provided with all of the information they require and avoid the downsides of self storage hidden costs

So whether you are looking for office space, self storage in the Rochdale area or bulk storage, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 01706 716000.