Self Storage In Manchester

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Simple Storage is well known for its low cost self storage in Manchester, with both units and serviced office space. However, did you know that we also provide an affordable bulk storage solution for businesses who are looking to store palletised goods?

Arrow Mill is a huge building, with more than 300,000 sq ft of space over five floors, so we can easily to accommodate the storage needs of businesses large or small in the Manchester area or in other areas of the UK for that matter. We have large loading bays, allowing multiple areas for heavy goods vehicles to load/unload safely and easily.

We don’t just offer your basic storage service either – here at Simple Storage we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to every customer’s needs. Whether you need us to pick and pack your orders as you receive them from your customers, or arrange transport of your goods, we can do it all so you don’t need to worry about it or employ staff to do it for you. We can also provide pallets, packaging materials, shrink wrapping, barcode labelling, racking and so much more.

With over 25 years of warehousing experience we will always put the customer first and promise to provide you with a first class service. So if you are looking for storage in Manchester then look no further!

Please visit our Pallet Storage Manchester page to find out more about our low cost storage and warehouse services.