Boost Your Storage With Self Storage Packing Materials

Here at Simple Storage we have recently increased our range of self storage packing materials to give you an even better choice of self storage accessories

When you take out a self storage unit you should always consider protecting your possessions, especially if you are looking to store your household or personal belongings long term.

Using Self Storage Packing Materials

At Simple Storage we recommend that all items should not be stored in direct contact with the floor – we are always prepared to lend pallets free of charge to our customers to rest their items on. We have a wide range of cardboard boxes for sale, along with bubble wrap, Sellotape and most importantly dust sheets. To provide full protection for all your valuables we would strongly recommend some form of covering material.

Remember security is not an issue here at Arrow Mill. We have multiple CCTV cameras throughout our self storage area and in the car park, in addition our building is alarmed out of hours with a dedicated security guard undertaking regular patrols throughout the night.

So whilst you can provide the necessary packaging protection and dust sheeting on the inside of your storage unit, we can happily protect it on the outside.