Summer Sorted! Student Storage Manchester

With the peak of `Spring just around the corner, the countdown has almost begun to the beginning of summer. That can only mean one thing: student storage Manchester is needed once more!

Once the exams and after–parties are over, it’s time to pack those books away and take a much-needed summer break away from studying. But what do you do with all that extra ‘stuff’ you have collected over the term?

self storage in manchester for students and business storage

Affordable self-storage units are a safe and convenient option for students wanting to be footloose during the summer months without worrying about their belongings.

A secure self storage facility can look after your:

·      Clothing

·      Books and paperwork files

·      Winter items – like snowboards and heavy coats

·      Collectables and nostalgic belongings

·      Furniture and bedding

·      Party props and costumes

Lightening the load when the term ends means you can jet off back home or away for the summer and return to University in the Autumn with a clear head and a clean home!

3 Reasons you may need Student Storage in Manchester

choose a self storage unit to look after your stuff when you break for uni

Home Storage

If you’re heading home during your summer break, likely, you don’t want to clutter your parent’s home with all your belongings. Whether you are required to clear out your room or want secure storage for everything while you’re back at home, short-term storage unit hire means you can pile everything in and travel home to relax (and potentially be cooked for!)

While you were at Uni, your parents may have even had a bit of a house clearance themselves, and you could find yourself with more things to bring back with you than you came with! If you leave your parent’s home with extra belongings, you may need a storage unit, so you don’t fill up your dorm room when you return. After all, you’re not quite ready to part with your Beanie Baby collection just yet…

cheap storage units are a great option for taking a summer break from uni


Maybe your summer break is a little more exotic, and you need student storage space while you go globetrotting? Storage units are available for short and long-term use depending on the length of your trip.

Our Manchester student storage units range from 10 sq. ft up to 270 sq. ft, so you can fit everything from a few boxes of books and clothes to your whole bedroom if you’re off for a year!

All our storage units are fully secure and have CCTV to ensure your time exploring the world doesn’t involve worrying about your personal belongings.

finding storage rooms or self storage in manchester is great for students on a gap year

Moving Dorms

If you are switching dorms or even moving into a shared home when you return for the Autumn term, you may need very short-term student storage to make moving easier.

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller space or need somewhere to store furniture during the summer before moving into a shared house, student self-storage is an affordable option for being in-between homes.

All our ground floor storage units are accessible and secure, and we have plenty of trolleys to lighten the load.

student storage rooms can be used when moving house or taking a summer break

Student Self Storage in Manchester

Whatever you’re planning for this year, take the stress out of summer and find a self-storage unit ready for your university break.

Manchester student storage is often cheaper than you may realise. Based outside of the city centre, we are much more competitive than city centre units; at Simple Storage in Rochdale, we provide cost-effective self-storage units that are very secure and all on ground floor level.