Why Choose Simple Storage For Your Office Needs?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your business and storage needs, then look no further; we can provide it all! 

We like to shout out about our historic refurbished cotton mill with its lovely views and strategic position on the M62 corridor, with excellent transport links to the North and beyond. 

Still, there’s a lot more to boast about, so we’ve listed some of the great benefits of doing business with us here in our Rochdale Office Space

Free Receptionist Service

The great advantage of taking office space here at Simple Storage in Rochdale is that you will benefit from our free receptionist service.

Our friendly reception staff can meet and greet any visitors you may be expecting. They can advise you that you have a visitor by calling the internal phone to your office.

You can then chose to come down and meet your visitor, or our Receptionist can direct them up to where your office is if required. This excellent service saves you from keeping a ‘lookout for any expected clients and leaves you to catch up on your paperwork instead.

Our Reception team will also pass on messages, sort out the mail before delivery direct to your office and also notify you if any parcels or packages arrive with your name on them.

Vending Machines & Kitchen Facilities

As part of our commitment to our office customers, we offer a range of options if you get a little hungry during the day.

Maybe you need that cup of coffee first thing in the morning to function. Therefore, we have just had two new vending machines installed within our Arrow Mill Business Centre, and they are proving very popular already!

We have always provided kitchen facilities to allow our office customers to prepare their own drinks and meals, but people tell us that they like to have a quick alternative to grab a drink or a snack on the go.

We pride ourselves on listening to what our customers want, so we have recently upgraded the machines, so we now have a combination snack/cold drinks machine and a hot drinks machine as well.

Together with our brand new, mains fed water cooler, providing unlimited cold filtered water on these hot summer days, our customers really are well catered for!

Stunning Board Room Hire

The Simple Storage fourth floor Board Room always proves popular. Already our existing office customers receive a discount of 50% off Meeting or Board Room hire

Still, interestingly enough, we are also receiving a lot of enquiries and business from outside clients.

The beauty of hiring our Board Room is that you are away from distractions. Trying to hold a meeting in your own personal space can prove tricky when there are so many things to distract you, for instance, emails pinging through on your computer, a ringing phone and colleagues coming across for a chat.

Alternatively, if you are looking to really nail a deal, hiring our stunning oak-panelled Board Room could be just the ticket. You can use it to impress your potential customer or the Bank Manager. 

We will include in the price a pot of freshly ground coffee, tea making facilities and not forgetting those all-important chocolate biscuits. We can also supply a flip chart if required, and you can enjoy the panoramic views across to Scout Moor and the surrounding Pennines during your meeting.

You don’t need to have an occupancy agreement or be an existing Simple Storage customer to use these facilities. Any new enquiry is welcome, and thanks to our strong transportation links, we can efficiently service the Manchester and Rochdale area.

Of course, if you need space for a greater headcount, then our Open Plan areas are perfect for this. For example, one of the Open Plan areas has been used for conferences involving more than fifty people!

24 Hour CCTV

How CCTV can aid construction site management

We have always taken a great deal of pride in looking after our customers’ security here at Simple Storage, and CCTV is something we had installed right back when the business first opened.

Over the years, though, things have changed, technology has moved on, we’ve got busier and busier, and so we found that we needed a bit of an upgrade. Therefore, we have just installed new cameras to add to (and improve the quality of) our already extensive system.

With 24hr on-site security as well, you would be forgiven for thinking that storing your items here at Arrow Mill would cost you the Earth; however, you would be wrong – our aim is to offer cost-effective solutions for all of your storage problems.

Added security is obviously a great bonus for our office customers too. You can come to work safely with the knowledge that we have done everything we can to protect their vehicles in the car park and both them and their visitors in and around the building.

Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband - Trio Telecom

We have recently have upgraded our network switches, allowing our office customers to experience speeds of up to 1GB. This is just one of a series of upgrades and improvements that we plan for our infrastructure to allow our office customers to continue to enjoy the best internet experience possible.

What’s even better is that this infrastructure is ours alone as we have a dedicated service, so nobody else’s usage outside of Arrow Mill can affect the quality and speed of our internet access.

As a result of the work, we can now offer new, improved wireless access points to enhance connectivity speeds. There are also many other benefits of the network upgrades, including:

  • Improved network and internet speeds for each individual office.
  • Every office will be on its own network away from everyone else, limiting the visibility of printers, computers or other devices that are cabled in.
  • High-quality networking equipment with a next-generation firewall to prevent users from visiting potential harm

Personalised Postal Service

Did you know that if you rent an office here at Simple Storage in Rochdale, we have a personalised postal service? Now you can arrange for all your business mail to be delivered directly to your office.

That’s right! Every weekday morning Royal Mail deliver a large bundle of the post to our reception here at Arrow Mill. Our staff then sort the mail by office number and then personally return all items by hand straight to your office.

We even accept parcels and packages on your behalf and leave them in your office if you are out on business.

And guess what? This service is absolutely FREE!!! This is another excellent reason to rent an office here at Simple Storage in Rochdale.

Still Not Convinced Yet?

If you are on the lookout for great value, safe and secure office space in Rochdale, with affordable, flexible pricing and a friendly team to hand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help. Call us on 01706 716000 or pop in and see us in person – alternatively, please check out our Self Storage Rochdale page on the website!