Offices To Rent In Castleton, Rochdale

offices to rent in castleton

Are you and your business looking for offices to rent in Castleton? Were you perhaps in the process of finding new premises before the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown put all your plans on hold?

This is the situation that many companies now find themselves in, as many small businesses have had to resort to staff working from home for the past few months. However, now that the lockdown is slowly starting to ease, the focus of most businesses is now shifting from survival back to prosperity and growth and in many cases that means getting employees back into the office and being as productive and focussed as possible.

Cheaper Than You Think

Our self contained serviced offices to rent are priced so that you have nothing else to pay. The monthly rental includes heat, light, power, water rates, external maintenance, use of toilets and canteen, onsite parking, bin emptying, internal post delivery and onsite management. Our offices to rent in Castleton are great value for money whether you are a new start up company, an established business looking to downsize or a national company in need of an additional office in the north.

Broadband Included

Prospective clients find it hard to believe, but broadband is included as part of the office rent. We have our very own high speed dedicated fibre optic broadband line into the building which is exclusively for our use only. Internet connection is now the fourth utility and we have invested heavily in our broadband line, the office VLAN network and our multiple Wi-Fi access points to improve connectivity even further.

Improve Your Mindset

It has always been known that in reality, having that separation between home and work life is beneficial for a lot of people. Obviously there are exceptions to that and there are some people who can work from home quite happily, but for the rest of us who have too many distractions to deal with, there is a lot to be said for being able to actually “go out” to work each day. By having a great choice of offices to rent here at Arrow Mill you can find your own secure comfort zone and be surrounded by like minded people.

Flexible Terms

We have very flexible licence terms and request contracts of three months minimum. The licence to occupy the flexible office space has a firm start and end date. Once the end date is reached we simply ask what clients would like to do going forwards. There are no rolling over of contracts – they end when the client wishes the licence to occupy to end. Notice periods are not required.

So if you are now looking to take the next step towards “normality” and you think that you and your business would benefit from having a self contained serviced office space for an all inclusive rental price in Rochdale, then please give us a call on 01706 716000 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you. If you would like further information then please visit the office space page of our website.

Whilst working from home has undoubtedly been a very useful and necessary tool in many cases, it doesn’t come without its downfalls that’s for sure, this is especially true if you are having to juggle childcare with home-schooling, pets and other distractions at the same time!