The Benefits Of Serviced Office Space

The benefits of serviced office space

Enquiries for our serviced offices here at Arrow Mill have started to increase lately, as always happens after New Year – it seems that a lot of small business owners realise the benefits of serviced office space & make resolutions in January to find a more permanent base for their company than their dining room!

As well as new customers wanting to move in, recently we have also seen quite a few of our existing customers change to different offices within the building, as their businesses and therefore their needs change. Our short term offices make it easy to adjust your space up and down according to your needs.

Why Rent A Serviced Office?

What is the best thing about renting serviced office space at Arrow Mill? Without a doubt it would be the level of service that customers receive from the management and staff who run the building. Even better, we promise that you won’t be asked to pay any hidden fees in addition to your rental – we are completely transparent and honest, so the rental price you see is the price you pay.

What if we told you that our prices include water rates, utilities, high speed, dedicated broadband, 24 hr security, reception services, building maintenance, free use of our large car park, and much more? You literally can just move in here and be up and running straight away! We are also on the M62 Corridor with amazing transport links to the whole of the North West & beyond.

Whatever the size of your business, if you need to rent premises to run your operations from, then that rental fee is likely to be one of your company’s biggest expenses. Not only that, but if you lease a traditional office space, you will usually be bound into long fixed term contracts, and in addition you will also need to fork out to furnish and decorate the interior, and maybe even for any running repairs that need doing in the future.

What is included in a serviced office?

With serviced office space, many of these difficulties are overcome. For a start, the offices in question are usually furnished and ready to go – everything from desks and chairs, to internet connections will be in place and operational from the minute you step in the door, meaning you won’t suffer any downtime waiting for new lines to be installed.

Extras such as photocopying and meeting room hire is often also available, for a per unit or per hour charge; this gives you the flexibility of adding extra services as and when you need them. Reception services and security may also be included in the rental price.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well here at Arrow Mill we offer all of this and more, all for very competitive rental prices and offer completely flexible office space

We are filling up fast though so if you are on the hunt for offices in Rochdale, please contact us. One of our helpful, friendly members of staff will be only too happy to speak to you and show you around. You can either call us on 01706 716000, email us on (and we are just .co!) or pop in to see us.