Unique Office Space In Rochdale At Arrow Mill

The BBC published an article today about how more and more small businesses are working out of unique office space such as self-storage warehouses. It is well known that, while many small businesses do very well being run from home, and some adopt co-working, many others need that level of separation, which is where good quality but reasonably priced office spaces come in. But in a self-storage warehouse? Really??

Why choose office space at all?

A lot of new businesses these days are internet-based, let’s face it, you can buy pretty much anything you could ever want at the click of a mouse; but where do your items come from? Where do these companies store all of those thousands of products that they sell? The answer, for a lot of them at least, is a self-storage unit – it is estimated that around a quarter of self-storage customers are small businesses.

So when you think about it, it probably makes perfect sense that they would base their office in the same location as their storage space, right?
With a global pandemic on our hands, and the high streets closing, we are faced with streets full of empty shops and more and more office spaces lying vacant due to ridiculously high rental prices.

Working from home isn’t always an option for everyone, and despite the massive shift to online, private office spaces are still very much in demand.
But did you know that there are still plenty of shops and businesses out there, particularly with the ever-expanding use of tech? These businesses are moving with the times, finding more flexible and cost-effective and alternatives for business premises, with the main one being self-storage.

Why choose self storage for your office?

Some of the bigger self-storage chains have set up communal areas within their premises where several small businesses can occupy a tiny pod or desk but ultimately share a single large space. Here at Arrow Mill, we can cater to the needs of those who prefer a little bit more in the way of personal office spaces. To be able to close the door of an office and have a private conversation is very important to a lot of business owners, as well as meeting room availability, breakout spaces and other facilities.

But if these same business owners need a storage unit for all of their stock, then we can provide that too, as we also have over a hundred self-storage units to go along with your workspace.

Due to our location, which is conveniently located on the M62 Corridor, Simple Storage can offer considerably cheaper flexible office space and better value for money. This makes our offices very sensible option for every kind of businesses, from start-ups to e-commerce retailers. It also has the benefit of excellent transport links.

The BBC estimated that in the past ten years, there are now over 1,000 self-storage venues across the UK that provide more than 30 million square feet of storage and office space to start-ups. The perks of turning to our self-storage for office spaces speak for themselves, including:

  • Flexibility unique to your needs, from short term to long term leases, furnished or unfurnished.
  • Fully serviced office space, Lighting, heating, shared kitchen, lounge area, high-speed internet all rolled into the price, perfect for all those zoom networking events.
  • The option to upscale or downscale depending on the needs of your business.
  • Hireable unique meeting rooms, variety of spaces available
  • Onsite storage facilities for housing stock with 24-hour access.
  • Great location on the M62 corridor.

Unique Office Space At Arrow Mill

unique office space arrow mill

Arrow Mill is a Grade II listed building is situated on the south side of the Rochdale Canal. During the Industrial Revolution mills were located on canals not only for the ease of transporting raw materials and finished goods, but also to profit from the source of water by drawing it to work the mill steam engines. For those who love the industrial space, our mill building is perfect, and our office spaces are popular with all kinds of business, from tech companies to e-commerce and more.

Showroom at our unique office space arrow mill

Why Self Storage Are Making The Shift To Office Space

The self-storage industry has rapidly adapted to the increasing demand in the evolving business market to find a more flexible and affordable working office space.

With this in mind, We have expanded our storage services to offer more than just storage space, and as a result, have created unique working spaces that are suitable for every type of business.

So if you are a small business owner who needs a couple of desks and somewhere to store stock, perhaps for e-commerce sales, wouldn’t it be great not to have to travel between your computer and your warehouse? Or maybe your team are struggling in the home working environment, and need a better workspace solution, that’s flexible and affordable.

What if you don’t fancy sharing communal co-working office space that may or may not be available when you need to use it? Then give us a call! We have private serviced offices in Rochdale available to rent and to make things even easier for you; we include pretty much everything you need to run your business in our transparent rental prices. Whatever your companies needs,

Business rates, utilities, building maintenance, free parking in our large car park, 24 hr security and receptionist services are all included in our popular office space. Not to mention the use of our dedicated high-speed fibre-optic broadband to enable you to bag those all-important orders.

 Making The Right Impression To Your Customers

You might be a bit sceptical about how using a storage unit for office space may work, but this is where you need to think outside of the box (pun intended) of its traditional use as storing your personal belongings.

Storage facilities like ours have entirely separate areas onsite for our office space, with tailored amenities that include secure onsite parking, reception areas and more. Why not pop over for a visit and see how we are much more like a shared business centre and not just a storage facility. Your clients will be impressed when they visit.

meeting room at our unique office space arrow mill

 We Can Match Your Office Space To Your Requirements

Finding the best office space in Rochdale, or retail space to suit your business is a balancing act. You need to consider cost, location and spec. What do you need out of your office? 

Office space in our storage facility can tick all the boxes. Our rental prices are highly competitive, and you can customise your space to the needs of your business, whether you need a small space or room for your retail outlet, we have you covered. 

On top of this, using offices with storage units gives a great deal of flexibility, so seasonal businesses can have a space to pack, house and ship stock at those key seasonal dates. 

So whether you need a short-term space for a pop-up seasonal store or you have long term plans for a growing office-based business, we have you covered here at Arrow mill. 

So if you are looking for affordable office space in Rochdale then feel free to ring us on 01706 716000 and book an appointment for a viewing. Alternatively, please visit the Office Space page of our website for more information.