Unique Office Space

There was a news article today about how more and more small businesses are working out of unique office space such as self storage warehouses (BBC News). It is well known that, while many small businesses do very well being run from home, many others need that level of separation, which is where good quality but reasonably priced unique office space comes in. But in a self storage warehouse? Really??


A lot of new businesses these days are internet-based – let’s face it, you can buy pretty much anything you could possibly ever want at the click of a mouse; but where do your items come from? Where do these companies store all of those thousands of products that they sell? The answer, for a lot of them at least, is a self storage unit – in fact it is estimated that around a quarter of self storage customers are small businesses.

So when you think about it, is probably makes perfect sense that they would base their office in the same location as their storage space, right?

While some of the bigger self storage chains have set up communal areas within their premises where several small businesses can occupy a tiny pod or desk, but ultimately share a single large space, here at Arrow Mill we are able to cater to the needs of those who prefer a little bit more in the way of personal space – to be able to close the door of an office and have a private conversation is very important to a lot of business owners.

But if these same business owners need a storage unit for all of their stock, then we can provide that too, as we also have over a hundred self storage units.

So if you are one of these small business owners who needs somewhere to store stock, would like to not have to travel between your computer and this stock, but don’t quite fancy sharing a communal office space that may or may not be available when you need to use it, then give us a call! We have private serviced offices available to rent, and just to make things even easier for you, we include pretty much everything you need to run your business in our transparent rental prices.

Business rates, utilities, building maintenance, free parking in our large car park, 24 hr security and receptionist services are all included, not to mention use of our dedicated high speed fibre optic broadband to enable you to bag those all-important orders.

So if you are looking for a cheap office in Rochdale then feel free to ring us on 01706 716000 and book an appointment for a viewing. Alternatively please visit the Office Space page of our website for more information.